Computer Servicing and MOT

dirtyDuring normal use like using word processors or sending and receiving emails or browsing the internet and downloading files, your PC fills up with temporary files, junk files, viruses, spyware & malware which slows the operating speed of your PC.

Even dust accumulation inside the machine can cause it to overheat and the internal fail-safe’s will force the system to run slowly to avoid damage.

A yearly service and M.O.T. will ensure these issues are kept under control and your system running as good as new!

With each service and M.O.T. we will perform the following;

  • Perform Anti-Virus / Spyware scan and delete threats.
  • Download and install any outstanding Microsoft updates.
  • Perform a hard-drive clean up.
  • Fix registry errors.
  • Remove junk files.
  • Optimize and repair system configurations.
  • Defrag your hard drives.
  • Check the Firewall status and settings.
  • Check internet settings and delete temporary internet files.
  • Install driver updates for hardware devices.
  • Clean PC base unit (inside and outside).
  • Ensure all cables inside the unit are secure.