Remote Support

Our staff can remotely connect to your computer system to perform routine preventative maintainence or to assist you with a specific problem.

  1. Safe and Secure
    When you are connected to an Engineer, the session is protected by an encrypted 256-bit connection and you can watch everything the engineer is doing on your screen.

    It is impossible to invisibly control or monitor a computer using our system. For data protection reasons the person sitting on the remote computer (that's you) will always be able to see when someone is accessing their machine.

  2. Convenient
    No need to leave your office to get help for most problems. Help through your internet connection is just a mouse click away.

In order for us to connect you first need to download our remote support software.


Once downloaded, simply run the program which will look like this...

support screen

Then phone, email or text us the ID number and PASSWORD it gives you.

Once we have this code we can connect to your computer, just sit back and watch us fix your problem.

Please note: The PASSWORD code changes each time you run the program to prevent unauthorised access to your computer.