Preventative Maintenance

We provide regular preventative maintenance via our remote link to ensure all your office computers are kept up to date and working at their optimum level.

This process takes place out of office hours to ensure you don't lose any business due to down time.

Our annual maintenance contract you will receive the following service:

• Onsite visits when you need us

• Regular health checks and preventative maintenance via our remote support service (we aim to provide these weekly)
  • Download & Install Software updates including Windows, Adobe, Java, and more • Scan for and remove any viruses, spyware or malware  
  • System Optimisation • Check for and fix errors in the event viewer  
  • De-fragment Hard Drive • Check Hard Drives for errors  
  • Remove any and all Junk Files • Optimise Start-up and system settings  

• We also check things like the backups are working

• General support and help with data management and document setup.

• Bi-Annual site maintenance visit to clean the internal components of your computers.
  • Clean out any accumulated dust and debris • Hoover the case  
  • Clean the heatsinks • Clean the cooling fans  
  • Clean the air vents